Pellet Coolers


Pellet coolers reduce the temperature of warm pellets which can be up to 70Deg Celsius to room temperature.  The normal retention time for pellets is normally 5-6min. When pellets are not cooled properly the product can bliss and retain moisture which leads to reduced storage life. The pellets tend to crumble apart. The cooler allows the bagging operation to be done directly after cooling.

Our coolers range from 500-3000kg/hr. The machine uses a counter flow system where the flow of cooling air is opposite to the direction of material flow. Pellets are fed in through a rotary valve and drop down on perforated louver gates. These gates are mechanically or manually opened and allow bagging to be done on a scale at acceptable accuracy. The Outlet is 800mm high allowing easy access to fill bags completely.  The warm air and product dust pass through a cyclone which removes the dust which can be re-introduced to the mixing process.

The machines are available with an optional vibrating screener and automatic bagging equipment.