Reverse Pulse Dust System

Product loss through dust when milling can be up to 10%. In addition, worker health and morale is also a great concern. We have found that worker production was raised by more than 20% just by installing a filter system for Hammermills for certain high dust applications. A reverse pulse dust system uses multiple filter bags to filter product from incoming air. Accumulating dust is blown off bags by a pulse of compressed air. This system is the most effective way to control dust and retain valuable product. The machine is virtually maintenance free and only require bags to be placed when damaged. Incoming dust laden air can be directly from the hammermill in which case the system forms part of a live bottom bin or from a High Efficiency cyclone. The Filter system can be substantially smaller when a cyclone is used to do the initial separation.

A filter system for all Drotsky Milling equipment is available.

Filter Bag Dust System

Reverse pulse systems represent a capital investment which may not be feasible for some clients. When the dust percentage per cubic volume of air is low as with products like corn and grass a less expensive option is available. The Filter bag system uses bags to trap dust and filter air. These systems are unfortunately not self-cleaning and need cleaning on a daily basis.

High efficiency Cyclones

High efficiency cyclones are the most cost effective way to limit dust concentrations. They are much bigger than conventional Drotsky cyclones and have a better separation efficiency. These systems limit product loss but is still not recommended for products such as Alfalfa or for indoor use.