Animal Feed Mixers

Feed mixers are used for the mixing of feed ingredients and premixes in order to create an even distribution of the requisite ingredients and nutrients. The end result of this should be a feed mixture which is blended in a ratio that will provide animals with balanced nutritional input.

Effective mixing plays a major role in the feed production process to ensure the proper distribution of ingredients and nutrients by preventing uneven mixing. The reason for this is that uneven mixing results in unbalanced nutritional values and substandard feed production.

Drotsky’s mixer range consists of both vertical and horizontal mixers, and all of our feed mixers provide an outstanding mixing process.

Orbital Screw Vertical Mixers

Orbital screw vertical mixers consist of one or more vertical screws that take material to the top of the mixer where it falls back to the bottom to be mixed up to the top again, and so on. These mixers have shown great results on small farms and in small feed mills

Operation Process
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Horizontal Mixers

Horizontal mixers consist of a series of paddles or metal ribbon blades attached to a horizontal rotor within a semi-circular trough. Unlike vertical mixtures, here the material is moved from one side to the other by the paddles and blades, tumbling and discharging the mixed product from the bottom. These mixers are affordable and have proven to offer efficiency with short mixing times.

Animal Feed Mixer Products